My first Etonathon and I had such a fabulous time - thank you so much and see you at Easter
Well Eton you have lived up to expectations, first visit will not be the last. The floor and everything else was lovely, am presuming the music will stop playing in my head too soon. Too short a visit but very sweet
A huge thank you to Sarah and Charles as well as to DJs and all my dance partners for such a lovely event with so many unforgettable moments
The best tango event in the UK
Have had a really fantastic time - very well organised - thank you to all the followers for the wonderful tandas and the leaders for respecting the floorcraft/etiquette
Thank you Charles & Sarah for the most fabulous Etonathon. Amazing DJs. Yummy cakes and gorgeous dances!
Thank you Charles and Sarah for such a wonderful weekend!!! our first weekend at Eton and it was a hit!xxx
Absolutely brilliant weekend of dancing thank you
Thank you. To the organisers, the DJs, the helpers and, of course, the dancers, for the warm welcome and the beautiful tandas
Thank you so much for this great WE. Your welcoming and so beautiful music make it unforgettable
A great event (as always at Eton). Must get down more often. Thanks Charles, Sarah and all the DJs.
Well that was a fun weekend. I danced to so much great music, many of my absolute favourite tracks and sometimes whole tandas. Great djs. My feet are not happy but the rest of me is....cant wait for the next one....
Everything was absolutely superb! Many ,many thanks to everybody who organised and participated to the best tango marathon in UK!
Thank you all for a cracking weekend of music and dance. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you all for a cracking weekend of music and dance. Looking forward to the next one.
"Come along and give it a go. It will get you hooked!"
Thank you charles and Sarah for a fabulous time at Eton. wow... what a great time I had. Thanks to the DJ's. Charles & Sarah..... you're amazing! Wonderful cakes and everything runs seamlessly. Thank you. Last but not least to the leaders who made my two days of dancing so amazing..... I am still smiling. Happy new year.
Sarah and Charles were amazing hosts!!! Thank you so much. We had a great time, dancing and DJing!
I think I've just had the best time so far at an Eton weekender! Thank you so much to Charles, Sarah, the kitchen fairies, the DJs, the fab leaders and followers
"Thames Valley Tango is a very good place to come. It’s a very friendly environment, you’ll get on well with people and you’ll be dancing straight away. You will enjoy it from day one, it’s a very good place to start"
What a wonderful event... Sarah and Charles ... You just get it right... People from the whole country and more... Woweee!!!
Just wanted to congratulate everyone for what was a seriously fun event! I had an amazing time watching you dancing beautifully to my music on sunday but better than that, I have to thank all of those who shared many tandas with me throughout the festival. Last but not least, I take a bow to Charles and Sarah for their amazing organizational skills. Keep on the good work! In one word - bliss!
Thank you both for working so hard to give everyone such a lovely time
thank you so much for all your hard work in organising such a lovely event - I thoroughly enjoyed my two days at Eton
Huge thank you both, the DJs and helpers for an absolute stonking weekend! I would not have wanted to be anywhere else
It was a great weekend! Thank you!
A place, a milonga, an event, that has gained a deserved reputation for good floorcraft a respectful 'moving' ronda and great hosts and this is how a packed salon works. Great dancers, great DJ's, great cakes from Mrs CakeyMcStribs is why I love dancing in Eton and have done for the last seven years.
Thank you so much for your hard work as always in putting on such a fantastic event! Cakes were fab as always, helpers really polite and a lovely welcome from you both Charles and Sarah. Thank you for amazing music
Oh my goodness what a fabulous 3 evenings I have had. Thank you so much Charles & Sarah, your hard work definitely paid off. Divine dances, sore feet!!
Loved every minute ! All blissed up....
Great food and great music a huge thank you to all the lovely tangueras amazing dances
Super! Super evening thank you so much Sarah and Charles what a great evening and lovely dances
"I loved the music and relaxed atmosphere"
Fabulous weekend of dancing at Eton! Great dancing, excellent music, meeting old friends and making new. Coffee & cakes galore. Thank you
We've just arrived home in Edinburgh, and wanted to say a particular thanks to Charles, and Sarah, for providing us with the perfect mini-moon (mini-honeymoon). Along with all the wonderful attendees, and fantastic DJs … You've created a real gem, and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you, all.
Thank you all, I had a wonderful time. Fortunately there isn't a legal limit on hugs before driving.
Best Eastonathon ever! Superb organization, excellent DJ choice, beautiful dancers, cakes that call your name every time you go to the kitchen... Everything was spot on! Thank you very much!
Thanks for another great day. But that's now the norm at Eton at Easter and Christmas. And getting better every holiday. That's why so many fabulous dancers came from all over the UK and Europe.
Thanks to all for making my first time at Eton so memorable. Beautiful tandas with lovely warmth and energy from everyone. Body is knackered but my heart is full and happy.
Feeling all warm and happy after dancing all day and night yesterday at Eastonathon! Brilliant music, yummy embraces, beautiful music, delicious cakes. Thank you Charles, Sarah and friends.
Speechless with the joy of Septonathon. (Sighs, exits stage left, falls asleep)
A great thank you to Charles and Sarah for such a great event over the weekend. Lovely to see so many people enjoying themselves, fantastic music and such fab hospitality for making us feel so welcome
WOW!!! Thanks a lot Charles and Sarah, for organizing remarkable tango event! Looking forward for the next edition!
This was our first Eastonathon but hopefully not the last one. It was just amazing! Thank you so much Charles and Sarah!
Ouf... That was good. Thank you Charles and Sarah for a lovely event.
What a lovely evening of tango! Thank you to all the gentlemen who asked me to dance! Thanks to Charles for the music and bakers for the cakes! They just sweetened the night.
Thank you Charles & Sarah for creating this beautiful event. So much hard work behind the scenes really is appreciated.
Charles and Sarah, all the DJs and dancing partners, thank you for the wonderful Christmas tango fairytale at Eton!
Thank you for organising a most enjoyable and friendly event. I look forward to the next one.
Wonderful Eton.... Thank you all! Fabulous...
The best multi-day tango event I've ever attended... well done and thank you!
"The way Thames Valley Tango break the lessons down, the encouragement they gave, made you feel very confident in what you were learning. We were dancing tango in a few weeks; it was fantastic!"
Your event attracts such a great mix of dancers! And all in a fabulous setting with delicious cakes. And the music is not so bad either. What more could one ask for?
What a great event! Many thanks to Sarah and Charles, DJs and dancing partners. Just fantastic!
Had a fabulous time - as always at Eton! Thank you leaders for the wonderful dances and to Charles & Sarah for such an organised and friendly event
Charles, Sarah and all the wonderful DJs, thank you so much for a really lovely few days - the perfect antidote to lying around and eating chocolate! You work so hard at providing the most wonderful event and it is most appreciated
"Thank you for a truly fun night...tango on the wild side...woo hoo!"
Already one week past, my wife is still indulging in all the good music and dances she got from Eastonathon, happy wife = happy husband! Not mentioning about the excellent organiser and the brilliant DJs, but also a special thanks to every single individual who has taken part in the event and created this fabulous weekend all together. You Rox! Big hug! Happy tango everyone! Hope to see you soon!
"This was a great event .... Really enjoyed the music and enjoyed dancing with all the wonderful tangueras today. You made my weekend!"
a big thank you to Charles and Sarah for enabling such a special event. Thanks also to ... our unique tango community that attended; full of smiling, happy, friendly people - and so many gorgeous embraces!
Thank you Charles and Sarah for yet another brilliantly organised Etonathon! I declare Sarah Star Baker of the tango world for the irresistible chocolate cake and the coffee and walnut temptation! X
"Such friendly fun. I don't know if its the mix of music that brings out the best in people but I can't remember having so many dances and so much fun at a Milonga."
What a special Easter this became! Lots of friends + great music throughout the whole weekend = a happy heart. Am still dancing! Thank you Charles and Sarah for inviting me to DJ @ Eastonathon, and thanks to all the dancers who created such great energy during my set
What a wonderful way to spend Easter! Tango Heaven with friend old and new....! Thank you everyone who made my Eastonathon so special
you guys put up a magnificent event! You should be very proud!
one of the best events in the country. Spotless organization, utmost professionalism and tasty catering! No wonder people keep coming back and back again, each time bringing more people with them!
Thanks to all of you who make it happen and at the same time make it look so effortless. We all know it's anything but. Another fabulous event
Thank you Sarah and Charles for arranging a lovely two days to meet and dance with such lovely people. A firm favourite for me
Fabulous! Thank you Charles & Sarah, everyone who danced, co-DJs and kitchen helpers. You all made this weekend absolutely great!
Wonderful time at Etonathon as always. Thank you Sarah and Charles for organizing this great event. We loved being once again part of it.
Thank you unreservedly for your classes - my life would not be half as good as it is now if you hadn't got me hooked on this wonderful dance
So many thank yous needed! To Charles and Sarah for being such fantastic hosts and for creating the very special Eton atmosphere. To all of the wonderful DJs for the music which was fabulous throughout and to all the lovely dancers who I danced and shared the floor with in such a joyful and considerate way. It was wonderful..thank you!
"It uplifts me. I love it. The music is amazing"
Many thanks for all those hours you put into the event! I had some amazing dances and went home totally satisfied!
Thank you Sarah & Charles for an AMAZING few days in Tango Heaven
Thank you for a wonderful Tango experience these last days. Thank you for all the love and care that went in to every little part of it. It was very much appreciated
My first visit and thank you for fabulous music and dancing and a simply gorgeous time!
"Charles really breaks it down and gives you stuff that you can do on a dance floor. I found I could learn to dance Tango much, much faster and much more confidently with Charles than with any other teachers"
"I was totally intrigued and totally mesmerised by what Thames Valley Tango was doing, and that just hooked me and I stayed. I learned to dance tango and it has been one of the happiest things in my life"
It took quite some time to recover after the great Etonathon. Thank you all for the new beautiful memories and wonderful energy. A big chunk of that energy was provided by Charles and Sarah; thank you for all the hard work
thank you Sarah and Charles for a wonderful Etonathon!!!! .. especially your DJ set Charles on Wednesday. which i really enjoyed. .Such beautiful music and lovely atmosphere.
A lovely time and varied throughout. The same warm and friendly welcome from the hosts though
Septonathon does it again!! Charles' and Sarah's organisation was impeccable (again)!
Thank you so much Charles and Sarah for a fab Septonathon !!! What a great weekend . Thank you for the Brilliant Dj's and wonderful dances
That was some 4 days, Sarah & Charles - thank you. And thank you to the tangueras for your warm generosity, to the DJs who indulged us rather than yourselves, and to all those tangueros who danced for the ronda.
"I heard about Thames Valley Tango, and I tried, and it was amazing."
Thank you very much!!! I got a great time and such lovely dances.... great ABRAZOS and amazing ENERGY my 2 favourite words after TANGO....
"Oh my gosh, that was a gorgeous evening, thank you everyone!"
"It’s the best thing ever. It’s just changed my world"
Thank you for fantastic event! I had incredible time!
Super! Super evening thank you so much Sarah and Charles what a great evening and lovely dances
"I had a big smile on my face from the minute I started"
Fabulous 4 days. Thank you Charles & Sarah, & everyone I danced with. Blissful.
Still dizzy with delight with all the gorgeous dances I had and long may it last.
As everyone has already said, fab weekend. Thank you Charles, Sarah and Kelly for all your hard work. Sarah this week's Star Baker. Lovely dances with friends old and new.
Another wonderful tango weekend in Eton - I ❤️ this place!! Thank you to all the leaders for the amazing dances and thank you Sarah for all the amazing cakes. See you next time!
Fabulous 4 days. Thank you Charles Long & Sarah, & everyone I danced with. Blissful.Fabulous 4 days. Thank you Charles & Sarah, & everyone I danced with. Blissful.
The perfect weekend
Thank you Charles and Sara-) for a fab weekend… Lovely space, nice music, lovely djs, and fab peeps. What more could a visiting dancer ask for.
very lovely Eton weekend thank you Sarah and Charles, and everyone being a part of contributing to such tango lusciousness.. and much gratitude for the yummy cake!!
"It’s the most satisfying dance that you will ever learn "
Everything was superb: venue, organisation, atmosphere, music and dancers!
Big thanks to Charles, Sarah and the team for another fantastic few days. Just arrived home, and am still on a high
I had an amazing time for 2 days - blew my socks off! Thank you Charles and Sarah for putting on one of the best events I've been to in the UK - so relaxed and friendly and fantastic music from the DJs.
thank you for Septonathon, your tireless organisational skills, warm smiles and hospitality, not forgetting the delicious cakes
"Thank you Charles and Sarah for a wonderful evening at Junction 8 - I had some lovely dances to some fabulous music & could've danced, danced, danced all night!!"
Eastonathon was superb as usual, wonderful dancing, lovely to catch up with old friends! My feet are just recovering! Sarah you need to stop putting out so many delicious cakes, I couldn't stop eating them!! Fabulous DJs, in fact fabulous everything!!
Thank you Sarah and Charles for special experience of 4 days. Wonderful music, fabulous leaders, unforgettable dances. Feeling blessed to have such a great festival next door to us.
"There’s all these wonderful people that I can now call friends, and it’s just incredibly special"
Thank You Charles and Sarah for a wonderful weekend of Tango. We reflected on it all the way home on Monday evening. Monday afternoon was the icing on the cake for me. The Music was sublime as was the other D/J choice also. Now I'm hearing about all the yummy food that we had no time to eat for dancing
Thank you Charles & Sarah for again organising an exceptional event, it was a wonderful 4 days. Thank you to the other DJ's for the music that gave the perfect platform for so many wonderful tandas with friends new and old. Until the next great edition..
What an amazing experience again! THANK YOU ALL!!!:)
It takes a lot of thought, planning and energy to run a four day event successfully. Eton is so well sorted, that you are not really aware of the organization around you; the event just flows.
What a great event! Thank you Charles and Sarah for organising and bringing such great DJs to Eton and thanks to the DJ's and fellow dancers for making it such a great experience. I can't count the number of truly amazing tandas I shared. Home now, very tired but very happy with a big bunch of memories to keep me smiling over the coming days and weeks.