Friday 9th, Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th September 2022

A special extended Tango event for a whole weekend, with fantastic Tango music and dancing on a gorgeous dance floor. There’ll be afternoon milongas and evening milongas, with a team of favourite DJs playing the best ‘Golden Age’ Tango music.

4 milongas, 20 hours of dancing

Friday night opening milonga
Friday 9th Sept 19:30 – 23:30
DJ: Ben Vincent
Saturday afternoon  milonga
Sat 10th Sept 14:00-18:00
DJ: Claudia Ohde
Saturday evening milonga
Sat 10th Sept 19:30 – 23:30
DJ: Richard Slade
Super extended 8 hour Sunday milonga
Sunday 11th Sept 12:00-20:00
DJs: Charles & Sarah

Lots to enjoy in a weekend of Tango:

Hours of dancing to the best Golden Age Tango, Vals and Milonga from a team of favourite DJs.

Enjoy considerate floorcraft, and traditional codigos such as the Cabeceo.

Savour the charming hall with a brand new sprung dance floor.

There’s great quality sound from a 360° professional sound system.

Enjoy a friendly welcome and atmosphere.

  • Pick & choose the milongas…
  • No need to reserve your places…
  • No need to bring a dance partner…
  • Pay in advance or when you arrive

Booking & payment

We make it as easy as possible for you at Septonathon; there’s no need to book in advance, just come along when it suits you!
  • Pick & choose the milongas…
  • No need to reserve your places…
  • No need to pay in advance…
  • No need to bring a dance partner…
  • Pay in advance (discounts available until 30th August)…
  • Or just pay when you arrive
click here to pay in advance

Excellent Venue

Old Windsor Memorial Hall, Straight Road, Old Windsor, Berks, SL4 2RN

  • Brand new, sprung, maple dance floor
  • Loads of free parking
  • Excellent sound system
  • Free Wifi
  • Easy to reach from M4, M25 or M3

Great Music!

The Tango music at Septonathon is always traditional ‘Golden Age’ recordings, carefully selected and played in continuous tandas with cortinas TTVTTM.

There are no interruptions for Salsa, Jive, announcements, show dances, birthday valses, or Chacarera. Just non-stop Tango dancing to the best music.

Our team of expert DJs will keep you dancing all weekend!

Comments from previous Septonathon events

There was such a happy buzz. Everyone seemed to be smiling
Many thanks once again Charles and Sarah, a truly delightful event
What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! Many thanks Charles & Sarah for putting it on and making us feel welcome and (as far as possible) safe. And many thanks to everyone who came along. It wouldn't be the same without you (us!) would it? Etonathon is in my diary
I had the best time, a great success!
Just wonderful! Thank you so much!
Thank you Charles, Sarah and everyone else for making the weekend such a success. Had a fabulous time as always!!!
It was fabulous! Thanks so much Charles and Sarah, and everyone… I’m already looking forward to the December edition!!
Thank you two for starting up again and tempting in such a tremendous throng of tangueros , that put at ease my trembling, un-danced feet and left me totally happy from tip to toe! Looking forward to the next one
Thank you Charles and Sarah, and everyone who made my afternoon special . Loved it.
Thankyou Charles Long & Sarah Stribley for your organisation ! and Charles also for your music and tandas… Great to be there for part of the event! Thank you to the beautiful Leaders who shared their embrace with me and all the wonderful women who conversations entertained me… great to see the community together again
I had a fabulous time it was great to be back on the dance floor. Thank you Charles and Sarah for organising
It was so good to be back, to dance, to listen to wonderful music, and even better to catch up with friends. Thank you to everyone, but a very big thank you to Charles and Sarah for making it happen
It was proper luvverly, thanks everyone
Wonderful weekend. Thank you guys!
I had a lovely time and you both go to such effort to make these occasions special! X so Thank you!
Thanks to you and Sarah for putting on such a lovely weekend of tango
Thank you so much for the lovely weekend. I was very nervous on Friday when I first arrived at the venue, but I had a wonderful time there.
It was a great event, as always is!
Fantastic - great music, great dancing, delicious cakes - thanks Charles and Sarah!
just brilliant! Lovely atmosphere, music, and followers. I had such a good evening - thank you.
Hurty feet, happy heart. Schplendiddd Septonathon. Thank you everyone.
A wonderful weekend dancing! Thank you and all my lovely partners.
Well that was a rather splendid day. Thank you, thank you, thank you....
Charles and Sarah - thank you once again for a wonderful afternoon yesterdays. Fab dances with fab partners; and fab music too!
Thank-you Charles and Sarah for a wonderful weekend
Thank you everyone for fantastic time in Windsor!
You've got the formula just right, which is why I think you run one of the best milongas anywhere and make tango in the UK richer for it... Sincere thank yous again from a delighted punter
very lovely Eton weekend thank you Sarah and Charles, and everyone being a part of contributing to such tango lusciousness.. and much gratitude for the yummy cake!!
thank you for Septonathon, your tireless organisational skills, warm smiles and hospitality, not forgetting the delicious cakes
Thank you Charles and Sara-) for a fab weekend… Lovely space, nice music, lovely djs, and fab peeps. What more could a visiting dancer ask for.
Another wonderful tango weekend in Eton - I ❤️ this place!! Thank you to all the leaders for the amazing dances and thank you Sarah for all the amazing cakes. See you next time!
We've just arrived home in Edinburgh, and wanted to say a particular thanks to Charles, and Sarah, for providing us with the perfect mini-moon (mini-honeymoon). Along with all the wonderful attendees, and fantastic DJs … You've created a real gem, and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you, all.
A great thank you to Charles and Sarah for such a great event over the weekend. Lovely to see so many people enjoying themselves, fantastic music and such fab hospitality for making us feel so welcome
Thank you so much Charles and Sarah for a fab Septonathon !!! What a great weekend . Thank you for the Brilliant Dj's and wonderful dances
The perfect weekend
Thank you so much for your hard work as always in putting on such a fantastic event! Cakes were fab as always, helpers really polite and a lovely welcome from you both Charles and Sarah. Thank you for amazing music
Septonathon does it again!! Charles' and Sarah's organisation was impeccable (again)!
Thanks to all of you who make it happen and at the same time make it look so effortless. We all know it's anything but. Another fabulous event
Absolutely brilliant weekend of dancing thank you
Thank you so much for this great WE. Your welcoming and so beautiful music make it unforgettable
A place, a milonga, an event, that has gained a deserved reputation for good floorcraft a respectful 'moving' ronda and great hosts and this is how a packed salon works. Great dancers, great DJ's, great cakes from Mrs CakeyMcStribs is why I love dancing in Eton and have done for the last seven years.

Looking for places to eat during Septonathon? Try these:

Looking for places to stay during Septonathon? Try these:

Travelodge Langley;
Beaumont Estate; 
Union Inn;

Toby Carvery;

Manor cottage B&B;

Times and other details of Septonathon may change as we work to create the best event possible.