Our Matinée milongas have stopped for the time being, as we focus on evening Milongas and other events in a new venue.

Our Matineé Milongas are wonderful afternoons of Tango in a delightful hall with loads of cakes and your favourite tango music!

  • Considerate floorcraft
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Charming hall & sprung floor
  • 360° professional sound system
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • DJ: Charles Long
  • £10

Our Tango events are well-known for the quality of the music; Charles plays a carefully structured and rich variety of the very best tango, milonga and vals from the ‘Golden Age’, in tandas with cortinas.

It’s not just about the dancing and the music; tea and filter coffee, and a generous selection of home-made cakes and biscuits etc, are served free of charge for you to enjoy.

A word about floorcraft & etiquette

Our Milongas have become a byword for good floorcraft, courtesy between dancers, and traditional Codigos.  We like to think that’s one reason why so many dancers come to them.

The dancing is salon style in two lanes, with no space in the middle of the floor. If you want to perform Boleos, Ganchos and show moves, or dance in the middle of the floor then our milongas aren’t for you.

We don’t want to be too strict about things, but before you come you should know what we expect:

Please do:

  • Use the ‘Cabeceo’ to request & accept dances.
  • Get consent from the couple who’ll be behind you before joining the ronda
  • Keep a constant flow of movement around the dance floor.
  • Dance in a constant lane around the edge of the dance floor.
  • Keep your distance to the couple in front, and avoid overtaking.
  • Apologise briefly if you bump into other dancers.
  • Aim to dance with one partner for each ‘Tanda’ of 3 or 4 tracks.
  • Leave the dance floor during the “Cortina” between Tandas.

Please don’t:

  • Step or travel against the line of dance.
  • Dance in the middle of the floor.
  • Dance in one spot and obstruct the line of dance.
  • Use steps or movements that risk kicks or collisions.
  • Stop during the dance to chat.
  • Make sudden changes of direction or change lanes.
  • Use excessive space with show moves.
  • Teach each other steps.
  • Stand or sit obstructing the dance floor.
  • Walk across the dance floor.

Useful confirmation of Tango etiquette is here…

And there’s a good explanation about floorcraft here…

If you do not respect these ‘Codigos’ then you may be asked to leave our milongas. See our terms & conditions.