We run lots of tango dance events throughout the year.

You’ll find one of our Tango events most weekends. These are events where you can use your Tango skills and have a great time dancing with friends from our lessons and lots of other dancers who come from all over the UK.

We like to make things easy, so at our Milongas you don’t need to bring a partner, and there’s no need to pre-book either.

(‘Milonga’ is the term for a tango dance event, just in case you’re wondering)


Popular Tango dance nights on the first Saturday of most months; a great atmosphere, good floorcraft, & great music.

Sueños milongas

Relaxed and friendly milongas in a beautiful rural setting.

‘Junction 8’ dance nights

Modern, alternative, & traditional tango; enjoy a different mix of music.

Eton Bridge milongas

Special summer night in a romantic setting as the sun sets.

Wednesday dance nights

Friendly & informal midweek time to dance and practice tango, with lots of space & refreshments, for all levels of dancers.

Sueños Bank Holiday all-day milonga

Hours of dancing on Bank Holiday Monday in a perfect summertime setting


Extended lessons for small groups, focusing on specific aspects of tango.

‘Etonathon’  & ‘Eastonathon’

Very popular and special multi-day seasonal events with guest DJs.  These extended events attract dancers from across the UK and beyond.