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Just as well we brought along extra pizza and wine!

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To be honest, we’re still in a slight daze after last night’s Sueños milonga – the best EVER.

Sometimes Sueños has a nice cosy, intimate atmosphere if there aren’t too many dancers around. And that’s always going to happen if there are other local milongas going on the same day. But somehow Sueños still feels good whatever the size of the crowd.

And then we get nights like last night, with a really big crowd of good dancers coming along and creating a totally different experience. It was, well, just amazing to have a fantastic evening with so many friends. It was just as well that we had brought along extra supplies of pizza and wine!

Thanks again, everyone; you don’t know how much it means to us to have nights like that!.

Survival of the fittest

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This year has got off to a very interesting start in the Tango world, with at least 3 new milongas opening in the London area. It’ll be interesting to see how many of them survive later in the year, but it’s great to have some new variety in the Tango scene.

In our area there hasn’t been a new milonga for several years now, and we sometimes wonder why not. With no new competition it can be all too easy for the existing milonga organisers to get complacent with their offering. The dancers may not complain, but the Tango scene can stagnate if there are no new ideas and energy being injected.

Hold on a minute… what am I saying?! Perhaps it not such a bad thing that we haven’t got any new competition? Well, obviously yes, we certainly don’t want any extra milongas competing with ours! Obviously anything operating in direct competition is bad news for us.

But, then again, on our nights off it’s nice to be able to go out and enjoy a good milonga, with a good atmosphere and our kind of music.  So we like to see other organisers doing well and putting on good events (I’ve ranted on at length about my personal opinion of what makes a good milonga IMHO).

And, to be honest, it helps us to keep focused on delivering the best milongas. We are always trying the improve things, and we work on the little details we hope will combine to make for a great event. You’d be surprised how much we chat and review our milongas; in fact, we’re slightly obsessive about it!

Done and dusted

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Well, Etonathon 2019 is now done and dusted; 5 days, 9 milongas, and countless hours of dancing and friendship.

These long events are always a real challenge to organise and run, because of the sustained work involved.  We have a huge number of dancers attending, and many of them have travelled a long way to join us for the event.  There are guest DJ to be organised and managed, and catering to be arranged with staff to help things run smoothly.

This year threw some new challenges at us also. One evening the ladies toilets all became blocked, which was a bit of a problem with over 60 ladies I the building!  Several intense minutes later an emergency plumber was on his way, and within an hour everything had been sorted out. The next day Sarah was incapacitated with a Migraine, and our kitchen helper could make it in because of flu. So it was all hands to the pumps to keep the show on the road, and we had an amazing response from Sharon, Jo, & Cathy who stepped up and worked miracles.

Ok, so that was the difficult side. But it was all totally worth it because the Etonathon was such a fantastic success, and the final night’s New Years Eve milongas was just brilliant. Honestly, we couldn’t have wished for a better end to Etonathon. The room was buzzing with a fantastic atmosphere, and the spontaneous rendition of ‘Happy Birthday to Charles’ made my night.

Let’s do it all again next year!