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We’re back!

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Yes, at long long last we can have a Milonga again, and boy, are we excited!

Starting off with a Milonga on 7th August, and then the Septonathon weekend.

Sure, there’ll have to be some extra precautions and things might seem a bit strange at first, but the main thing is that we’ll be dancing again. Hallelulia!!  Now, where did I put all of that sound equipment…?

on your marks….

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This week’s small relaxation of the rules about work and exercise came as a welcome sign that things might start to get started again in a small way in the Tango world in the next month or two. Yes, yes, it depends on how the notorious ‘R’ number changes, and the whims of government, but you never know…, do you?

We expect that the first possibility for us will be for private lessons to be able to start again.  We’ll depend on the availability of our venues for lessons, but we’re lucky that the venue we use in Bramley has its own entrance and kitchen, and it’s not much used apart from us, so it’s a pretty good option for us to use for private lessons. We’re contacting our regular private lesson students this week to see who will be interested.

And just get in touch if you think that a private lesson or two will be a great way to get dancing again and refresh your memory after all these weeks!

But anyway, let’s be grateful that things might be heading in the right direction at long last!!