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No peace for the wicked

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August is traditionally a quiet month for Tango.  Many lessons pause for the summer, and milongas are often shut for a few weeks too.  For several years now we’ve taken a break for the month, and ironically found ourselves with nowhere to go and dance, because most other Tango organisers were doing the same thing!

But this year it’s different; now that our regular group lesson have stopped, we’ve had more time on our hands, and the pace of life has calmed down.

So, what have we been doing?  Well, strangely, it’s been a pretty busy time, planning and organising for the future events.

Our Monthly milongas have a new home, so there’s a load of preparation needed to design the layout and decoration of the new venue, and get everything ready.

And now that we’ve got St Bernards Convent booked for 4 day events at Christmas and Easter there’s been a flurry of emails to DJs as we try to put together teams for both the events.

So please don’t ask if we’ve had a nice restful summer!

At last!

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First of all a huge thank you to everyone who has encouraged, supported, helped, and stood by us for the last few months. It has been amazing how many people have been rooting for us! Finally, we can now share our plans for new Milongas:
Eton Milongas are starting again in September, at a new home; Old Windsor Memorial Hall.
We’ve been holding out for a brand new, sprung, maple dance floor to be laid in the Hall, and it’s going to be installed in August. Once it’s ready, we can get started with new monthly Saturday night Milongas!  Why did we choose Old Windsor? Well, it’s a fantastic hall:
~ It’s really easy to find ~
~ There’s loads of free parking ~
A brand new, sprung, maple dance floor ~
Free Wifi ~
Just 10 minutes away from Eton ~
And a there’s pub over the road ~
Saturday 9th September – Launch Party
Saturday 7th October
Saturday 11th November
(no milonga in December)
then the 1st Saturday of every month in 2018​

The venue is new, and everything else will be what you’ve come to like; the music, the friendly atmosphere, tasty catering, and great floorcraft. We can’t wait to get started and see everyone again! ​

Well, it’s been a while…

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… has anything much happened?


the search for new venues for our Milongas has continued non-stop. There’ve been lots of helpful suggestions and ideas, and an incredible amount of support.  We could never have dreamed that so many dancers were behind us and wanted to help out.  If there’s one thing that has come out of the recent changes, it’s discovering what an incredible community has developed around our events!


In May we tried out a possible venue, at St Bernards Convent in Slough, with a ‘pop up’ charity night, and it went really well. We learned a lot about the hall, and how to make it right for Tango; for future events there’ll need to be changes to the acoustics and layout, and a hundred other small details.

And in the meantime we’re waiting for another local venue to have a new dance floor installed before we give it a try too.


Don’t worry; whatever happens, we’ll be continuing with monthly milongas and extended events at Christmas and Easter.