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We’re still here, waiting… (unlike some?)

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Well hello again! I’m breaking the extended radio silence, after months of stagnation.

It still looks like it’s going to be a few more months  before we can be back dancing again; current estimates suggest late June, but frankly we have our doubts. As we speak, Septonathon 2021 still looks far from certain.

You know what they say? About absence making the heart grow fonder? Well, it really is true when it comes to our Tango world. It’s hard to express how much we’ve been missing seeing everyone and having fun evenings with friends. Just getting to see everyone, to chat, joke, and dance the night away.

One thing’s for sure; we will never take the personal contact at Milongas and lessons for granted again.

So we’re just waiting, as patiently as we can, for summer to come, for the vaccinations programme to carry on, and for the gradual easing of the lockdown to get to the point when we can dance in close embrace safely.

In the meantime, word reaches us from time to time about talk of private ‘at home’ milongas that might have been happening during the lockdown. We really hope that it’s just rumours and nothing else; I mean, who would be so selfish and anti-social?

We WILL be back, just as soon as possible.

This is going to take a while…

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We’ve been shut down for 7 weeks now, or is it 8?  To be honest, we’re starting to lose track of the days and weeks, with just the home schooling schedule keeping us on track with a weekly routine.

And there’s no early prospect of Tango resuming either; we are getting resigned to waiting until next year before anything can start again.  And right now that seems a very long way off indeed. And that’s a very serious issue for anyone who, like us, relies on Tango for their income.

Any thoughts about planning for future events are being put to one side, because it would just add to our frustration.

In the meantime, I’m working my way through a long list of DIY jobs around the home, and spending far too long on Facebook and YouTube!


Just as well we brought along extra pizza and wine!

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To be honest, we’re still in a slight daze after last night’s Sueños milonga – the best EVER.

Sometimes Sueños has a nice cosy, intimate atmosphere if there aren’t too many dancers around. And that’s always going to happen if there are other local milongas going on the same day. But somehow Sueños still feels good whatever the size of the crowd.

And then we get nights like last night, with a really big crowd of good dancers coming along and creating a totally different experience. It was, well, just amazing to have a fantastic evening with so many friends. It was just as well that we had brought along extra supplies of pizza and wine!

Thanks again, everyone; you don’t know how much it means to us to have nights like that!.

No peace for the wicked

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August is traditionally a quiet month for Tango.  Many lessons pause for the summer, and milongas are often shut for a few weeks too.  For several years now we’ve taken a break for the month, and ironically found ourselves with nowhere to go and dance, because most other Tango organisers were doing the same thing!

But this year it’s different; now that our regular group lesson have stopped, we’ve had more time on our hands, and the pace of life has calmed down.

So, what have we been doing?  Well, strangely, it’s been a pretty busy time, planning and organising for the future events.

Our Monthly milongas have a new home, so there’s a load of preparation needed to design the layout and decoration of the new venue, and get everything ready.

And now that we’ve got St Bernards Convent booked for 4 day events at Christmas and Easter there’s been a flurry of emails to DJs as we try to put together teams for both the events.

So please don’t ask if we’ve had a nice restful summer!