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Argentine Tango dance lessons and events

Thank you unreservedly for your classes - my life would not be half as good as it is now if you hadn't got me hooked on this wonderful dance
"There’s all these wonderful people that I can now call friends, and it’s just incredibly special"
"The way Thames Valley Tango break the lessons down, the encouragement they gave, made you feel very confident in what you were learning. We were dancing tango in a few weeks; it was fantastic!"
"I was totally intrigued and totally mesmerised by what Thames Valley Tango was doing, and that just hooked me and I stayed. I learned to dance tango and it has been one of the happiest things in my life"
"Thames Valley Tango is a very good place to come. It’s a very friendly environment, you’ll get on well with people and you’ll be dancing straight away. You will enjoy it from day one, it’s a very good place to start"

Do you want to learn to dance Argentine Tango? Then join our lessons for beginners in Eton on Sunday! Read more…

We run lots of Tango dancing events throughout the year, including the popular Eton Milongas. Read more…

We have been teaching Tango for 10 years and Tango is our passion!  We love teaching it, and hosting dance events. Read more…